Man Buys Domain Name For $12
A man has successfully bought Google (Xetra: A0B7FY – news) .com – the domain name for the world’s most popular website – for just $12. Sanmay Ved was using Google’s new domain sale service when he tried typing in the well-known address. Ownership was officially transferred to him, but minutes later he received an email from Google saying they had cancelled the order.


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Ugandan leader says Somali rebels may be holding his troops
TOKYO (AP) — The leader of Uganda conceded Saturday that Islamic extremists in Somalia may have taken some of his country’s troops as prisoners, and blamed his own commanders for being “asleep” in allowing a recent attack on an African Union base.


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WanaCCM wote waoga na ndio mzee!
WanaCCM wote waoga na ndio mzee!


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MTIA NIA YA UGOMBEA ATUKANA KWENYE MDAHALO> Trump refuses to apologize for ‘blood’ remark
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Sunday refused to apologize for a crude attack on a female Fox News journalist that sparked widespread outrage, insisting he was misunderstood. The brash billionaire — who is leading a packed Republican field of White House hopefuls — found himself at the center of controversy after seeming to suggest that Megyn Kelly, one of the moderators of last week’s presidential debate, asked him tough questions because she was menstruating. “You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump told CNN on Friday.


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penditure of Sh252 billion earmarked for the construction of new roads.
The amount was instead diverted to pay road contractors and consultants, according to the January 2015 CAG report.

Impeccable sources told The Citizen in Dar es Salaam yesterday that Sh3,048,365,229 was not accounted for from the total amount of Sh252,975,000,000.

The sources further revealed that after the Ministry of Works released the Sh3,048,365,229 to the Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads), the sum was diverted without the knowledge of the ministry.

“And documents that were used by Tanroads to reallocate this amount (Sh3,048,365,229) were not submitted to relevant authorities for auditing,” said the sources.

In another development, the CAG report said the BoT governor denied to have paid Sh30,599,193,960.28 to Strabag International Gmbh and China Geo-Engineering Corporation Company Ltd.

“This amount was part of Sh77,695,571,182 which was deposited with the Bank of Tanzania as payments to road contractors and various consultants,” said the sources.

They added that the CAG special audit had failed to establish whether Sh47,096,377,221.72 was paid to relevant road contractors and consultants after the BoT governor had refused to give information, saying the law did not allow him to disclose banking information about his clients.

The sources said although the major task of Tanroads was to oversee, construct and improve trunk roads and regional roads, the CAG report had shown that Sh13,385,089,124 was used to pay for private roads and roads under district councils.

“Construction of roads under district councils is done using money from the Road Fund Board,” said the sources.

The sources said the CAG report has also revealed massive misappropriation of funds budgeted for construction of trunk and regional roads during the 2010/2011 financial year.

“In the 2010/2011 financial year some road projects were allocated tiny budgets, but Tanroads spent huge amounts of money to pay for such projects without stating the source of the money,” said the sources.

In another development, said the sources, CAG investigators found that payments totalling  Sh36,638,175,000 were not indicated in monthly progress  reports by consultants and contractors handling various road projects.

The CAG report further revealed that payment of Sh6,175,786,959 was made to contractors who were not in the list submitted to the Ministry of Works.

“This amount was paid to constructors whose names were not in the list submitted to the Ministry of Works by the chief executive officer of Tanroads,” said the sources.

The CAG report recommended to the Ministry of Works and Tanroads to strengthen their accounts departments in order to be able to establish genuine contractors and consultants that were supposed to be paid certain amounts.

It also recommended the ministry to direct contractors and consultants to make monthly financial progress reports that could do away with controversies when it comes to payments.

The CAG report also recommended that the government enter into new road construction projects agreements and pay all outstanding arrears to contractors and consultants.

The CAG report also recommended to the government to ensure that new road construction tendering should stick on the budget released by the government on yearly basis.



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I Refuse to Babysit My Children
The notion of dads taking active roles in the lives of their children has become so foreign that many look upon them with suspicion when they witness it. When women take their children to the park, nobody bats an eye.

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Who Is the Richest Man in the World?
As has been the case for 16 of the past 21 years, Bill Gates for 2015 topped the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. At last count his net worth totaled $79.4 billion, which is well ahead of No. 2 Carlos Slim’s $70.8 billion.

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